Precision Air Drilling Services, Inc. and all of our divisions are dedicated to providing protection for the Health and Safety of all personnel, protecting the public, preserving the environment, and preserving the assets and property of our company, clients and co-contractors. At Precision Air Drilling Services, we believe:

  1. Our most valuable asset is the people that perform our services.
  2. All injuries can be prevented.
  3. We must protect our fragile environment for future generations.

To achieve these objectives, Precision Air Drilling Services will make every reasonable effort to comply with all government regulations pertaining to health, safety and the environment. An effective Health, Safety and Environmental (HSE) Program will be implemented throughout our organization.

Our HSE Program will assist the management team and our exposed employees in controlling the hazards that lead to injuries, minimizing our impact on the environment, and reducing or eliminating the danger of damage to the property or assets of our company, clients or co-contractors.

The Precision Air Drilling Services HSE program is designed to encourage all employees to promote the safety of their fellow employees and customers. Our employees understand that the implementation and utilization of the HSE Program is critical to achieving our continued goal of Zero Workplace Incidents, Injuries and Spills. It is through the commitment of all of the Precision Air Drilling Services, Inc. employees that we will continue to be a leader in HSE Performance.

President & CEO
Precision Air Drilling Services, Inc.