Here at Precision Air Drilling Services we believe that to become successful, that we must start with our employees. It is when our philosophy of professionalism and strive for perfection is embedded in each employee, that the company as a whole can provide true continuity in professionalism in its work ethics and level of service.

We in the Precision Air Family believe that the value of a company is shown in its’ commitment to excellence. Driven by our President & CEO and carried out through all our employees, we have ingredients to succeed and prosper into the future. The Six (6) Keys of thought and understanding accomplishment:

  • Our integrity is achieved by doing what we say we will do.
  • Our respect is shown in dedication and hard work for others.
  • Our Commitment to excellence is shown by our competence and respect for others.
  • Our success is measured by our expansion of services and happiness of our clients.
  • Our gratitude is shown by preserving our environment for the generations to come.
  • Our consistent strive for excellence is shown through our level of knowledge, skill and expressed by our courtesy and understanding.

One of the best definitions of Philosophy is the following:

1: The most basic beliefs, concepts, and attitudes of an individual or group.

The Precision Family believes that without a philosophy of life and business, you can neither grow nor enjoy the pleasure of life or succeed in business.

President & CEO
Precision Air Drilling Services, Inc.