With all of the Bases Covered, we have expanded our lines of service to accommodate your company and project so that you only have to make one call not ten! The Precision Groups will continue to expand and provide you with the best service, experience and knowledge in industries that we cover. Need more general info just call us or E-mail us at

Precision Air Drilling Services

Precision Air Drilling Services has been a prominent player in the underbalanced drilling service arena for more than a decade now. Providing the air drilling, chemical injection mist pumps, boosters packages to accommodate your needs in the field up to 5000 PSI. To contact us, call us or E- Mail us at

Precision Pipeline & Process Services

Precision pipeline & process Services are focused on providing industry specific tools & knowledge for pipeline commissioning and pigging. Leak Detection & hydrostatic testing. To contact us, call us at

Air Hammer Division

The Air Hammer Division provides tools to drill faster in “ Down Hole “ situations that will increase your penetration rate which allow you to get the job done faster and more efficiently saving you time & money. To contact us, call us or E-Mail us at
Precision Nitrogen Injection Service

The Precision Nitrogen Injection Service is a specialized division that is critical for several different industries such as Underbalanced Drilling, Pipeline Commissioning, Mining Applications, and Pharmaceutical Applications. To contact us, call us or E-Mail us at
Precision Trucking
Precision Trucking can assist you with moving that OIL & GAS industry heavy equipment to or from your project site. Making sure your high dollar equipment is in the right hands being delivered to you in a safe & timely manner. To contact us, call us or E-Mail us at
Precision Consulting
Precision Consulting can put your project on the right course making sure your project in safe, efficient and in the green. Adding the knowledge & experience that your project deserves is what we are all about. To contact us, call us or E-Mail us at
Precision Rental Services
As the old adage goes “the right tool for the job” is a must in the OIL & GAS, GEOTHERMAL industries. Precision Rental Services can provide you with manned or unmanned equipment for your project. To contact us, call us or E-Mail us at