Safety is part of our core foundation at Precision Air Drilling Services, and our Safety Culture influences every aspect of the organization. 

The Precision Air Drilling  Management Team recognizes that safety is about people and not numbers. We strive to deliver our customers the highest quality service while maintaining the understanding that no job is more important than the safety of our personnel and our stewardship of the environment.  Our Management Team works side by side with our employees to foster and demonstrate the Safety Culture and our constant commitment to safety and the environment

Our Operations and HSE team work daily to minimize the risks to our employees and to reduce the impact on our environment.   We tirelessly strive to develop innovative ideas to integrate safety controls and systems into every procedure in the field and in local facilities.  Our supervisors and field teams are continually focused on reducing the element of failure and minimizing the risks in our daily activities. 

Precision Air Drilling employees understand the importance in actively participating in the Safety program and the tenets of our Stop Work authority.  Our employees carry our commitment to safety with them to our customers and to their homes. 

We are all responsible for our colleagues safety and well-being, and at the end of the day we all wear blue.

President & CEO
Precision Air Drilling Services, Inc.