Health, Safety and Environmental Concepts

Our Concepts of keeping our employees, clients and job sites safe, is by instilling a first nature knowledge and practice into our safety culture. This is part of our core foundation at Precision Air Drilling Services, and our Safety Culture influences every aspect of the organization. 

The Precision Air Drilling Management Team recognizes the mitigation of hazards is our primary method of eliminating risk.  Through our extensive Standard Operating Procedures and Risk Assessments we strive to ensure our personnel, clients, and the environment are shielded from unplanned events.

Precision Air knows when personnel have a voice and ownership in their activities then Safety will become a leading topic with employees.  Safety is not black and white.  Safety is not static; it is in a state of movement and requires an ever-changing act of balancing variables. Our employees our empowered to make the right decisions daily when it comes to Safety. Our Employees, Our Safety, Our Commitment.